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Penny Post - 26th April 2024

Our latest newsletter

On Tuesday, the Eco Crew from the Year 6 Workforce went to an Eco Conference at Angel Square in Manchester along with a number of other schools from the Co-op Trust.

Whilst there, they also took part in a number of workshops, which included making seed bombs and making smoothies whilst riding a bike.


We have been asked to circulate a casting call for a new film by BAFTA Connect filmmaker,  Paula Nimaro, who is currently in the casting and research phase for her upcoming documentary "First Days". 

The documentary short will delve into the experiences of first-generation migrants on their first day of school in the UK, inspired by her own journey to the UK at the age of 7 from Uganda.  The project aims to shed light on diverse and enriching stories within the migrant community using a universal event that we have all encountered; the first day of school. 

Objective:  To showcase the diverse narratives within migrant communities and foster understanding and empathy.

Seeking: First-generation migrants, willing to share their stories and experiences related to their first day of school. The term migrant encompasses refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. There are no age restrictions for participation.  Whether you migrated recently or decades ago, she invites you to share your unique account of your first day at school in the UK.  The focus is solely on your experience; no other sensitive or confidential details will be discussed.

If you have a story to share or know someone in your school, college or community who does, please encourage them to get in touch via the following form:  This could be a great opportunity.


‘Design your Favourite Garden’ Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our Design your Favourite Garden competition. There were so many entries to choose from, it was a very difficult decision.

The winning gardens were designed by Aarika (Yr. 1), Jayden (Yr. 2), Myla (Yr. 3), Baasma (Yr. 4), Fanta (Yr. 5) and Amelia (Yr. 6).

Well done to everyone else who took part. Mrs Haywood


     Values Champions

Ayaan (Rec.); Hariharan (Yr. 1); Aima (Yr. 2); Ambria (Yr. 3); Harnoor (Yr. 4); Waleed (Yr. 5) and Inaya H (Yr. 6).

Attendance this Week

    The Attendee Bear winner is Year 3 with 98.6%

Rec: 98.5%; Year 1: 93.6%; Year 2: 95.8%; Year 3: 98.6%; Year 4: 95.8%; Year 5: 97%; Year 6: 97.3%

Whole school so far this year:  95%