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Penny Post - 10th May 2024

Our latest newsletter

Year 6 Parents:

Reminder:  The SATs this year will start next week.  In order to ensure the children are fully prepared for the day, we are offering a free Breakfast Club. There will be a selection of food for them, i.e. toast, cereals, fruit, Danish pastries and vegetarian sausages etc.  After they have eaten, there will be various activities to help them to be in the correct mindset for the tests.

The children will need to come to the main door from 8.00 a.m. where they will be supervised by Mr. Waddington and other school staff

Year 1 Parents

     Could you please bring to school any empty toilet rolls, cardboard boxes and cereal boxes over the next 2 weeks as we       will be using them to make our own free standing building.

Walking to and from school

 We only allow children in Yrs. 5 & 6 to walk to school and home on their own.  If you would like your child to do so,   there is a form you must complete first.  These forms can be obtained from the office. 

 All children in Yr. 4 and below must be accompanied by an adult.

Trust Update

  • On Friday 22nd March, Dr Chris Tomlinson, CEO of Co-op Trust spent the day with us.  He listened to a number of children reading, visited all the classes and also had his lunch in the dining room with the children.  He met with a number of staff who have worked in the school for over 20 years (Mrs. Haywood, Mrs. Lovick, Mrs. Spafford.  Mrs Goldsmith, Mrs Smith and Mrs Farrell).
  • Mrs Haywood and Mrs Vasey attended Pupil Premium Conference at Co-op Academy Belle Vue, Manchester on Thursday 18th April 2024
  • Mrs Haywood attended IPRA training the next day  at Co-op Academy Woodslee which is based in The Wirral.

Values Champions

Durkhanay (Rec.); Abrish (Yr. 1); Saanvi (Yr. 2); Adam (Yr. 3); Rayaan (Yr. 4); David (Yr. 5) and Inaya S (Yr. 6).

Attendance this Week

The Attendee Bear winner is Year 5 with 99.1%

Rec:  95.6%; Year 1:  94.2%; Year 2:  98.6%; Year 3:  98.7%; Year 4:  98.2%;  Year 5:  99.1%;  Year 6: 96.5%

Whole school so far this year:   95.1%