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At Co-op Academy Penny Oaks we aim for our children to aspire to be the best they can be.

Our careers based curriculum is embedded throughout school and includes visits from people in various careers and our annual Careers Week.

There is a Golden Thread of Heritage running through our curriculum to increase the sense of self-worth and pride in our city. We study a diverse range of influential people from all walks of life in order that our children are inspired to follow their example. Our Year 6 children are encouraged to join our workforce where they must apply for specific jobs around school. They go through a full recruitment process giving them a sense of the real world. They even earn a salary! Overarching our whole curriculum is our Oracy focus. We aim for our children to leave us with the confidence and skills to communicate in any situation. We celebrate their skills with our annual Oracy Exhibition.

Careers Week 2022

In Careers week we met a pilot, some firefighters, a person who works for ITV an actor from the theatre, Bradford Bulls, the director of Yorkshire Water, people who work for different charities and an ex footballer who champions mental health and wellbeing.

We also all became engineers and built our own box cars. We then tested them down a ramp to see how far they would travel.

Year 6 Workforce

We have a very successful Year 6 workforce. The children have had to apply for a role in school and if successful in their application went through an interview. The children work hard in their roles through the week getting their time sheets signed at the end of every session they complete. Once the timesheet is signed they can collect the payment tokens at the end of the week. The children choose what to do with their tokens, they can spend them straight away to pay for a chosen item from the 'shop' or they can save them up to get something of greater value.