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Please take some time to look at our new lunch menus which run on a three-weekly rota.


Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club starts at 8.00 a.m. daily for all pupils in Reception through to Year 6. 

Children attending Breakfast Club should be dropped off at the bottom hall door. The door will be opened at 8.00 a.m. and then closed at 8.30 a.m.

The menu will offer a variety of breakfast food and drinks including:

Cereals - Rice Crispies, Cornflakes, Mini Shredded Wheat, Cheerios

Toast with topping - Butter, Jam, Marmalade, honey

Bagels with topping - Butter, Jam, Marmalade, honey

Drinks - Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Milkshakes, Hot Chocolate

Various fruits to try

The cost is 50p.

Breakfast club is a good opportunity for the children to relax, meet up with friends and have an excellent start to the school day.  The children have the opportunity to play games and take part in creative and physical activities.

The sessions will be supervised daily by Miss Shah and Mrs Clements and other members of staff when appropriate.

Healthy Lifestyles

At Co-op Academy Penny Oaks we work hard to promote Healthy Lifestyles. We provide nutrition lessons for the children and family cook off sessions where parents and children use the food we receive from Rethink Food and create lovely nutritious meals. Each class has the responsibility of running the Rethink Food stall each half term. The curriculum for each class includes a half-term focus on the Sustainable Development goals linked to the Rethink Food ethos.

We promote active classrooms for the children inside the school and a wealth of active sessions outside of school. Break times and lunchtimes promote activity with every child having a skipping rope. We provide active activity boxes, problem-solving kits, scooters and many other opportunities to be active at break times.

At Penny Oaks we strongly believe in the benefit of gardening on mental health and well-being as supported by our own research conducted through our practitioner enquiry programme. Every class has time for gardening integrated into their timetable where they tend to their Key Stage garden and our Queen Elizabeth II memorial garden.